Thursday, April 12, 2012

In Memoriam: Sergeant Alonzo M. Wilson

Sgt. Alonzo Wilson, killed in the line of duty April 12, 1894.
Sgt. Alonzo M. Wilson

Killed in the Line of Duty 118 Years Ago Today

The Salt Lake City Police Department today remembers the loss of one its own: Sergeant Alonzo M. Wilson, killed in the line of duty April 12, 1894.

Sergeant Wilson died from an accidental gunshot wound. The 54-year-old victim was working as the morning desk sergeant in the Salt Lake City police station when a new patrolman dropped a loaded pistol. The weapon discharged as it hit the floor. The .45-caliber bullet struck Sgt. Wilson in the right knee, shattering his femur.

He was taken to a hospital where the leg was amputated. During surgery, doctors discovered that the bullet had ranged up into his torso. Sgt. Wilson died approximately five hours after being shot.

A member of the department for three years, Sgt. Wilson was married and the father of six children. His wife gave birth to the couple’s seventh child the day after his death. He is buried in Mount Olivet Cemetery.

The Department seeks photographs of Sgt. Wilson for its Police History Project. Please email information to or call (801) 799-3340.