Friday, March 16, 2012

Operation ‘Friendly Reminder’ Succeeds in Raising Public Safety Issues in CBD

More than 500 contacts made by officers 

The Salt Lake City Police Department’s Downtown Bike Squads have made contact with more than 500 people during this week’s Operation “Friendly Reminder,” which sought to raise public safety awareness in the Central Business District.

While such encounters usually result in an expensive citation, police officers have been issuing warnings to pedestrians and motorists for infractions such as jaywalking, violating the crosswalk ordinance, smoking in violation of the Utah Indoor Clean Air Act, riding a bike or skateboard on the sidewalk, or littering.

“This proved to be a great opportunity for our officers to positively interact with people downtown,” said Chief Chris Burbank. “The rules and laws are there to keep everyone safe — from those of us walking on Main Street for a lunch appointment to motorists looking for a parking spot, from bike messengers to Trax riders.”

Approximately 25 officers were involved in the week-long operation. While they issued more than 500 warnings during outreach, they also made 20 felony drug arrests in the area earlier this week.

Contact: Reporters seeking comment should contact the Public Information Officer at 801.799.NEWS (6397).