Tuesday, March 13, 2012

‘Friendly Reminders’ on Main Street

SLCPD prepares for City Creek opening 

Currently stored in the Department's Police Museum, SLCPD Officers used
these "courtesy notices" in the 1950s to encourage voluntary compliance with city codes.

In preparation for the opening of the City Creek Shopping Center on Main Street, Salt Lake City Police Officers this week will be issuing friendly reminders about public safety.

“We anticipate more than 50,000 people daily will visit City Creek Shopping Center once it opens on March 22. Our intention is to remind everyone about the laws and ordinances that keep us safe,” said Chris Burbank, Chief of Police. “The Police Department is excited about the prospect of more people visiting downtown and interacting with our officers.”

SLCPDbike officers will patrol the Central Business District to highlight behavior that would otherwise earn someone a ticket and fine. They will caution pedestrians and motorists who, for example:

  • jaywalk,
  • violate the crosswalk ordinance,
  • smoke in violation of the Utah Indoor Clean Air Act,
  • ride a bike or skateboard on the sidewalk,
  • or litter.

The awareness campaign is modeled after an outreach program that dates back to the 1950s (see attached images), which Burbank called a “friendly reminder about the role we each play in maintaining public order.”

Contact: Reporters seeking comment should contact the Public Information Officer at 801.799.NEWS (6397).
031312 SLCPD to Give Friendly Reminders on Main Street