Friday, March 5, 2010

Missing Woman Found Safe

Police no longer seek person of interest

Salt Lake City Police Officers found 34-year-old Veronique Moses at 11 this morning.

Earlier today police received a call from an alarm company that maintains a panic alarm at the woman’s home. Through a two-way speaker, an alarm company dispatcher reported that a man and woman could be heard arguing. The female voice asked for police, according to the alarm company.

The alarm company then contacted the Police Department at 2:30 this morning. Responding police officers found no sign of the woman or her car, although her purse was still in the house. Other suspicious characteristics at the scene included a ladder leaning against an open window and the alarm box ripped from the wall.

As a result, the Police Department issued an Endangered Person Advisory and sought a person of interest. Officers have since made contact with Stephen E. Carnegie, an acquaintance. Investigators have determined that he was not involved in this case.