Thursday, February 11, 2010

In Memoriam: Detective Green B. Hamby

Killed in the line of duty 89 years ago this week

The Salt Lake City Police Department remembers the loss of one its own: Detective Green B. Hamby, killed in the line of duty February 8, 1921.

Detective Hamby died after being shot by a burglary suspect. Acting on information obtained from three men arrested for an assault on another officer, Detective Hamby and other officers went to the Nord Hotel at 59 East 200 South. While attempting to gain access to a room where the men had been staying, Detective Hamby was shot in the head by a fourth suspect hiding inside. The suspect was killed by return fire from the other officers.

The 49-year-old victim was married and had three children, including a grown son who was also an officer with the Police Department. Detective Hamby is buried in Salt Lake City Cemetery.

If you have memories or photos of Detective Hamby to share, please email or call (801) 799-3340. To learn more about our Fallen Officers, please visit Click on “Honoring Our Own.”

The Police Department wishes to thank the Utah Law Enforcement Memorial for its assistance in this remembrance.