Monday, October 12, 2009

Police Department Completes ‘Neighborhood Operation’ in Glendale

Multiple units deployed on broad spectrum of public safety issues

The Salt Lake City Police Department today announced the successful completion of a “Neighborhood Operation,” a special project designed to deploy law enforcement resources on a broad spectrum of public safety issues in a specific area.

“We chose Glendale for a Neighborhood Operation, which is designed to respond to crime trends noted by the community and police officers,” said Chris Burbank, Chief of Police. “We learned a lot from this operation that will serve us well as we continue to work with other neighborhoods to address crime and public order issues in the future.”

The Police Department conducted its latest Neighborhood Operation October 8-10, 2009, in the area bordered by North Temple to 2100 South/State Road 201 and Interstate 15 to Redwood Road. Based on information gathered from Community Council meetings, constituent liaisons in the Mayor’s Office, tips from the Department’s Drug Hotline, and intelligence vetted by the Salt Lake Information Center, officers were able to make 23 felony and 28 misdemeanor arrests.

Neighborhood Operation Stats:

  • 27 gang field cards
  • 16 warrants served
  • 1 firearm seized
  • 266 traffic citations
  • 37 vehicle impounds
  • 9 DUI arrests
  • 6 schools/2,050 kids visited by SLCPD

Other Highlights:

  • Narcotics Unit reported that at least one drug dealer noticed the high level of police activity and chose to stay away from the area.
  • SLCPD in conjunction with the Salt Lake County District Attorney’s Office, West Valley City Police Department and West Jordan Police Department served 7 search warrants and arrested 7 individuals regarding a long internal theft of high-value metals.
  • In addition to traffic citations and impounds: 4,000+ License Plate reads, 1 stolen recovered vehicle, and 1 stolen license plate on a moving vehicle.
  • Joint Criminal Apprehension Team detectives arrested 5 violent felons from the warrant sheet.
  • Narcotics and Fusion Bike Units closed 27 narcotics intelligence reports. One report led to 4 felony arrests, 1 misdemeanor, and the seizure of 3 grams of methamphetamine and 1 ounce of cocaine.
  • Special Victims Unit had 2 felony arrests. They were assisted by 4 agents and a supervisor from Adult Probation & Parole.
  • Utah Motor Vehicle Enforcement Division netted 21 citations, 1 felony drug arrest (heroin), 1 failure to yield arrest, 1 impound, 1 stolen car recovered, and 4,268 License Plate Reader reads.
  • The Vice Unit made 14 misdemeanor and 4 felony arrests (10 males sex solicitation, 4 females sex solicitation), plus 4 felony drug arrests. The squad seized 11 grams of methamphetamine and 3 grams of cocaine.

The Police Department would like to thank the following agencies for their assistance in this Neighborhood Operation: Utah Highway Patrol, Adult Probation & Parole, US Marshals Joint Criminal Apprehension Team, West Valley City Police Department, West Jordan Police Department, Salt Lake County District Attorney’s Office, Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office, Utah Motor Vehicle Enforcement, and Mobile Neighborhood Watch.